6 Keys to Joyous, Memorable Vacation Travel

coolridged_2pja27 March 9, 2020

1. PREPARING MAY BE THE BEST PART Anticipation makes up a significant piece of human joy. One study of vacationers discovered (no shock) that they were happier than individuals who weren’t leaving, but nearly all of the joy boost took place prior to the holiday itself. Before you even leave, remember that the trip will never be everything you’ve built it up to be in your anticipation. 2. CHOOSE QUANTITY OVER “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” An unique journey, like a month in New Zealand, would be amazing. However the “unbelievable” aspect of such vacations limits their overall contribution to joy. Research studies have found we go back to previous happiness degrees relatively promptly. That means you’ll get a greater overall enjoyment boost by traveling more often rather than taking amazing trips less often. 3. DO NEW THINGS How can you make time slow down while you’re on vacation? Learning new activities and trying new things helps time seem like it’s going slower and makes it more enjoyable. 4. FILL YOUR DAYS WITH SATISFYING THINGS Make time for fantastic meals, some kicked back reading, and quiet thinking if that satisfies you. Don’t fill your days with endless sightseeing…purposefully leave open spots in the schedule to give you time to do things you are immensely satisfied by doing. 5. CONTROL WORK RATHER THAN ELIMINATING IT Some people believe happiness comes from doing no work while on vacation. The truth is you simply need to maintain boundaries in today’s switched on world. Don’t be afraid to take an important phone call or go through a few emails every day, but set limits and get others to help you stick to them. 6. END ON A HIGH NOTE The human brain provides more importance on the most recently acquired memories. So plan a memorable…

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Easy Travel Hacks Every Traveler Must Know in 2020

coolridged_2pja27 March 1, 2020

We just found “53 Easy Travel Hacks Every Traveler Must Know” and thought you may be interested in reading it here: https://resultsmatter1.wordpress.com/2020/02/29/just-found-53-easy-travel-hacks-every-traveler-must-know/. 53 easy travel hacks every traveler must know to save time, frustration and money while making it easier (and more fun) to travel for business or pleasure.  

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