Storymate Demo | Not A Review | Overview

coolridged_2pja27 January 8, 2019

Looking for an overview of Storymate now that we have a full demo available? You are in luck because one was just released and we got our hands on it here- Storymate Review What is Storymate? It  is the worlds first ‘Story’ tool to create, post & send huge traffic to your sites through Instagram & Facebook Stories. It takes the hassle out of making stories to share to your audience. Simply select a template and go from there. It makes it so easy.Let’s start with the obvious…  Q: What is Storymate?  A: It’s a 100% cloud based one-stop software for easily generating extremely viral, professional “stories” for Facebook and Instagram  Q: Why do I need to worry about stories?  A: Facebook and Instagram are pushing stories hard, giving them preferential positioning. All the numbers also prove that stories get more views, clicks and sales than any other social media posts. Stories are going to be the main marketing trend of 2019 and Storymate allows you to start cashing in immediately.  Q: Do I need any technical or graphic skills?  A: Nope and that’s the beauty of it. With Storymate you simply pick one of the 25 ready to go templates; point & click to edit the content and then press upload. You don’t need to know any coding, write any copy of design any graphics… at all!  Q: Do I need to record myself or my own voice?  A: Nope. Neither you nor your voice needs to be on camera in order for this to work and you don’t need any external software for recording or editing.  Take command of your Facebook and Instagram feed and get better engagement today. Watch the video linked to learn more! Storymate

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Storymate First Look | Story Tool

coolridged_2pja27 December 27, 2018

Pick up the World’s First ‘Story’ Tool to make, post & deliver massive traffic to your sites through Instagram & Facebook Stories. Why Stories? Story Posting Is Growing 15X Faster Than Traditional Feed Posting Facebook & Instagram users usually updated with a regular status update, now stories are becoming the norming for new updates by showing at the top of newsfeeds on both fb and instagram. This is working great right now and early adopters will benefit the most. Instafgram boasts 300 million of it’s total 500 million users using stories daily and 10% of fb users use stories as well. You can watch a Storymate Demo 

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Commission Gorilla | Bonus Page Creator

coolridged_2pja27 December 23, 2018

Are You Making These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes? If you’re still somewhat new to this whole affiliate marketing thing, then you know there is plenty of room to make mistakes. Every day and every promotion is a learning experience. But you can slash the learning curve by avoiding these three mistakes: Mistake 1: Promoting Anything and Everything Your subscribers and blog readers are looking for someone to lead them through the maze of new products that hit your niche every week. If you promote anything and everything as the best thing since sliced bread, you’re just going to hurt your reputation. So what to do? Throw away the cut and paste ads the vendors give you, and write your own ads and reviews instead. Be honest about the product. Tell your prospects the good, the bad and the ugly about every product. If you don’t recommend, tell them why. If you do recommend it, give them a good reason to buy through your link right now. Which brings us to the next point: Mistake 2: Not Adding Value A dozen affiliates are dropping their links in front of your prospect. Question is, why should they buy from YOU? The answer: because you’re offering a kick-ass bonus when they buy through your affiliate link. This is might be a report, a gear list, an app, access to a membership site or a even a seat at workshop. It should be highly relevant to whatever you’re promoting, desirable and valuable. End result? You can make up to five times more sales and commissions by offering a bonus over just tossing a non-incentivized link in front of prospects. But maybe you’ve noticed that getting up bonus offer pages is sort of a pain in the neck. That brings us to the last point: Mistake…

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Landing Page Monkey | Landing Page Creator Demo

coolridged_2pja27 December 12, 2018

Looking for an awesome landing page creator? Look no further than landing page monkey.  Lots of marketers are snapping this up just because it’s a huge time saver. Not only can you create your first landing page in just a couple minutes from now, but you can generate dozens of pages fast using Landing Page Monkey’s clone feature. This amazing feature frees up your time to work on other important parts of your business – or it gets you away from the computer so you can enjoy your life. But the other thing business owners are really loving about this app is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use. Not one line of code, not one tiny command, not one iota of PHP, HTML, CSS or anything else. In fact, Landing Page Monkey is designed so that anyone can log in and start creating high-converting lead pages. Just look at these features: •   Point and click easy. You can change the layouts, colors, font styles, images, background videos and more all with the click of a mouse – no coding experience or special knowledge required! •   Publishing is simple. Landing Page Monkey generates a page for you to upload to your website or WordPress blog. Or you can let Landing Page Monkey host the page for you at no additional charge. This is a great feature if you don’t have your own site yet or if you just want to save a few bucks on bandwidth costs. •   Make changes on the fly. If you need to tweak your page, just log into your dashboard, make your changes, and they’ll propagate instantly as soon as you hit the “save” button. You never have to re-upload a page or touch a single line of code. It’s…

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