Fire Extinguisher Facts

coolridged_2pja27 November 9, 2018

Fire extinguishers are a typical sight in any building in any country. However, few of us know exactly how to use it. Even the different types of fire extinguishers and the various purposes for which it is used are known to very fewer people. Different kinds of catastrophes can happen in a building out of which a fire breaks out is the most common one. Hence, it is important that we know at least some basic facts about an appliance that is so commonly seen around us.   So what exactly is a fire extinguisher?   It is a device that is used to control small fires that don’t reach up to the ceiling and has gone out of control. It is normally a cylindrical vessel that contains an extinguishing agent that is manually discharged at the time of the fire. It is normally meant to clear escape routes in the time of the fire.   What is the story behind a fire extinguisher?   A fire extinguisher as we see it now came after a long evolution from its most ancient form that was made by Ambrose Godfrey in the first half of the 18th century which was not portable but placed in a room. The ancestor of the extinguisher as we see now was invented by George Manby which he called then as “extincteur”. This extinguisher was made of a portable container filled with potassium carbonate solution and compressed gas. As years went on, there were different kinds of other extinguishers like soda-acid fire extinguisher, chemical foam fire extinguisher, carbon tetrachloride extinguisher, and finally, the modern day extinguisher that we find around us now.   How do we select an extinguisher?   Fire extinguishers are chosen based on the type of fire. Thus we find Class A, B,…

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