Advertising Boost Affiliate

coolridged_2pja27 November 1, 2018

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money! And you should get started today as an Advertising Boost Affiliate because it offers an array of high-quality products you will want to promote like dining incentives, vacation incentives and hotel discount vouchers. Not only are vacation incentives in high demand. It’s also something that truly helps people close sales. And the commissions you can make are pretty amazing. You will get paid a 40% commission on every membership you personally refer into the company. Since the product is $49 a month or $458 annually right now, that means you will make $19.60 per month or $183.20 for every member you bring in. These commissions are paid weekly on Friday. In addition, if you’re an annual member yourself, you can get paid every time someone redeems a vacation certificate you’ve given them! These commissions aren’t huge – they range from $3 to $15 for each activation – but if you give out a lot of certificates, they can really add up. These commissions are paid monthly. Finally, if you sign up other affiliates, you can also get paid when they bring in new members. You’ll get a 10% commission on every sale they refer too. Pretty cool, right?! –> That Sounds Great, But What is Advertising Boost? Here is an Advertising Boost review in case you’re not familiar with the product or how giving vacation incentives away works. –> What is the Downside? What I’ve discovered is people doing really well in the program are people that use the vacation and dining incentives to promote their ‘regular’ business rather than promoting Advertising Boost itself. If you’re an insurance agent, for example,, you can give away vacations to get people to sit down and listen to your offers…or give them an incentive to…

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